Refugee Assistance & Immigration Services (RAIS) provides a bridge for refugees (individuals who have had to flee their countries of origin due to the tragedies of persecution and war) from their former life experiences to the new skills required for success in the United States.  Through a focus on economic self-sufficiency, community integration, and a respect for unique cultures, history and traditions, RAIS creates an environment of compassion and encouragement for refugees to flourish.

During FY2021:

  • RAIS provided services to 460 clients.
  • 50 clients were assisted in securing employment with an average starting wage of $13.78.
  • 88% of clients who started new jobs held those jobs for more than 90 days.

By providing comprehensive, culturally sensitive case management to assist our clients in learning about the U.S., RAIS seeks to encourage self-sufficiency through early employment.

You can learn more about the 400+ clients currently enrolled in RAIS here, or listen here to one client’s personal journey of transition, success, and lasting friendship.

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RAIS Services

  • Reception & Placement (for newly arrived refugees)
  • Case Management
  • Education & Employment Services
  • Health Promotion
  • Refugee Agricultural Partnership Program

RAIS Immigration Services

  • RAIS Client Green Cards
  • Citizenship Application
  • Refugee Family Reunification
  • At this time immigration services can only be provided to refugee clients

RAIS in the Media

Listen to a discussion between Issa Spatrisano, Divine Nganga, and Lori Townsend of Alaska Public Media about resettlement in Alaska, the experience of relocating, and the global crisis of displacement. For more stories of impact, check out our media coverage.

Credit: Alaska Public Media

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Issa Spatrisano, Refugee Assistance & Immigration Services Director

For an overview of the vetting process for refugees,  please visit U.S. Refugee Admission Process.  You can also refer to other local immigration assistance offices.