On Any Given Day, We Provide

  • 2 tons of nourishing food to 110 families
  • Individualized case management to 120 families & individuals
  • Safe shelter to over 400 men, women & children
  • Hope to those
    who have none

Explore the Different Ways We Serve

  • Help for the
  • Hunger
  • Unplanned
    Pregnancy Support
  • Adoption
  • Refugee
  • Developmental
    Disability Services

Help for the

Over 1,000 people are living homeless in Anchorage. CSS shelters serve nearly 400 of these people every day.

Brother Francis Shelter and Clare House are more than just emergency shelters for adults and families.

Homeless Family Services Case Managers work around the clock to help people transition out of homelessness and experience renewed potential with dignity and respect.

How We Shelter the Homeless


St. Francis House Food Pantry provides hunger relief to over 100 families each day.

The largest client choice food pantry in Alaska and a leader in the anti-hunger movement, St. Francis House Food Pantry provides a 2-day emergency supply of food to anyone in need.

How We Feed the Hungry

Pregnancy Support

Pregnancy Support Services provides expectant mothers with the information and emotional support they need. We assist mothers in making pressure-free decisions by focusing on what’s best for the mother and her baby.

How We Serve Expectant Mothers


Adoption is a lifelong journey. Our Adoption Services has 40 years of experience in providing comprehensive adoption support to families pursuing one of the many routes to adoption.

How We Complete Families


Of the refugees we resettle, 79% are off public assistance after one year.

Refugee Assistance and Immigration Services is the resettlement agency for the state of Alaska. We provide refugees with helpful resources as they settle in Anchorage—connecting them with jobs and weaving them into the fabric of the community. 

How We Provide Opportunity

Disability Services

The challenges of caring for a loved one with developmental disabilities are great, but Family Disability Services exists to ensure they are not insurmountable. We provide a range of developmental disability resources and trained respite providers who work with people in their homes and out in the community.

How We Help You Care for Loved Ones

Mom Hugging Child


There are countless opportunities in our programs, both existing and yet to be imagined. Your dedication and generosity has the potential to create lasting positive effects in the lives of the individuals and families we serve. Browse Current Opportunities ›


Through Pick.Click.Give. you can make a difference. You can provide food for a family struggling to pay rent, give shelter to an Alaskan living on the streets, and help a veteran find a place to call home. Pick.Click.Give. to Catholic Social Services ›

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Helping Holidays

Thank you for wanting to help families in need get Christmas gifts this year! You can now browse wish lists, choose a family and sign up! Simply click on the “choose a family to sponsor” button and browse the families available to be sponsored. To view the wish list, click on the family letter and a wish list will pop-up. After you fill out the donation form, we’ll get in touch with you to discuss any questions and further details.

I Want to Sponsor A Family!

What's Happening at CSS - Alaska

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