Brother Francis Shelter Volunteers

We have volunteer opportunities at four of our eight programs. Check out our current opportunities. Please contact Laura Rice for more information.

St. Francis House Food Pantry

Open Monday – Thursday 9am – 1pm

Personal Shopper
  • Guide clients through the pantry.
  • Shift schedule worked out with Community Engagement Manager after applying.
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Brother Francis Shelter

Dinner Service
  • Assist with meal preparation, service, and clean-up in our kitchen.
  • Shifts available Monday-Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, 6:30PM – 8:30PM
  • Orientation held every other Thursday at 5:45PM at BFS. Contact Community Engagement Manager for upcoming orientation times.
Caring Clinic-Currently Unavailable 
  • Provide basic medical care to BFS guests during clinic hours, evenings and weekends.
  • Must be licensed or certified in the medical field (CNA, RN, MD, PA, EMT) or studying to work in the medical field.
  • Current hold on new volunteers 
    • While the clinic goes through changes and updates, we are unable to accept new volunteers.
    • If you’re available on evenings and weekends, you can still apply and we’ll let you know when shifts become available.
Foot Clinic
  • In the spirit of Washing of the Feet, join a dedicated team that cares for the feet of shelter guests twice monthly. (Requires special training that is provided to address the health issues commonly seen.)
  • Work with case management or program management to design and facilitate 1 hour workshops on special topics (e.g. Resume building, Interviewing skills, Creative Writing, Dealing with Anxiety and other areas of wellness).
  • Days & times are negotiable.
Administrative Services
  • Assist with the scanning of registration packets; assist in light filing or shredding.
  • Shifts Monday-Thursday, 9:00PM – 3:00PM
Deep Clean
  • Assist shelter with special deep cleaning and maintenance projects.
  • 2-4 hour shifts as needed.
Listening Post
  • Sit one-on-one with a guest and listen to him or her share their story.
  • Available evenings.
Brother Francis Advisory Council
  • Join other community members who work to advocate and fundraise on behalf of the shelter. (Requires a long term commitment and special application process.)
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Clare House

  • Share your skills and interests with the women of Clare House. Lead an educational workshop or provide crafts/entertainment for the families.
  • Let us know the type of activity you’d like to lead.
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Refugee Assistance & Immigration Services (RAIS)

Family Mentor –Generally visit with family once a week for 2 hours.
  • Assist family with getting established in Anchorage. For example showing them around their neighborhood, taking them to free events, etc.
  • Provide supplemental support for Orientation activities.  For example, practicing bus routes with them that we have shown them, or practicing how to buy groceries
  • Visiting the family and practicing English
  • Providing advocacy and guidance for the family as they start to make Anchorage their new home.
  • Required commitment: at minimum 3 months, although 6 months is optimal
Professional Mentor –Generally visit with individual once a week for 2 hours.
  • The goal of the Professional Mentor program is to create career building plans specific to the refugee’s skills and to encourage, empower and execute the plans in an effective manner.
  • Coordinate to meet with the client inside and outside the refugee’s home at least once a week to encourage, empower and execute career building plans
English Tutor –Generally visit with invidual once a week for 2 hours.
  • The goal of the English Tutoring program is to support newly arrived refugees improve their English skills in a way they can communicate with their new community here in Anchorage.
  • Coordinate to meet with the client inside and outside the refugee’s home at least once a week until
    English levels improve
Client Assistant –Shifts available weekdays 9-5
  • Accompany clients and provide transportation to clients for medical and other appointments
  • Required commitment: once a week for at least 3- months
Front Desk Volunteer –Shifts available weekdays 9-5
  •  It is RAIS’ goal to establish an organized system of helping clients meet with the correct RAIS staff members
  • Utilize and develop both client and administrative support skills
Donation Room Organizer – Shifts available weekdays 9-5
  • Assist Reception & Placement team with preparing items to set up refugees first home in Anchorage
  • Organize household item & winter clothing donation room
Meals Teams – Shifts available weekdays 9-5
  •  Volunteer time and resources to “fill the fridge” of an incoming refugee or refugee family for their first weeks living in Anchorage
  •  Teams are typically made up of 4 or more people and the group will contribute food for 1 specific month every 6 months (a total of 2 months of the year)
Welcome Teams  Shifts available weekdays 9-5
  • Crucial to the success of the RAIS program in the way the teams welcome incoming refugees to their new home in Anchorage
  • Teams usually consist of 2-4 people who volunteer their time and resources to collect and arrange needed materials for incoming refugees in their new apartments
Moving Teams  (flexible shifts depending on arrivals)
  • Assist Reception & Placement team with setting up refugees first home in Anchorage
  • Available to individuals or groups of less than 6
Fresh International Gardens Project Volunteer Shifts (Wednesdays or Saturdays from June- Sept.)
  • Accompany clients of Fresh International Gardens at farmers markets across Anchorage
Other Projects
  • Offer a field trip opportunity to refugee clients
  • Volunteer for World Refugee Day, Saturday, June 10th, 12 to 4 pm
Support On-Going Program Functions
  • Organize Donation Drives – everything from winter clothing to household items
  • Fundraising
  • Grant Writing
  • Graphic Design
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If you have any questions, please contact:
Laura Rice