Catholic Social Services’ mission is comprised of three important parts: compassionately serve the poor and those in-need, strengthen individuals and families, and to advocate for social justice.  Everyday we work to help our clients achieve permanent stability.

Sometimes it becomes necessary for us to contact our elected officials and advocate for legislation and funding of services and the assurance of dignity and respect for all Alaskans.  When those opportunities arise, you will find details, updates, and calls to action here.  With our voices united, we can advocate for vulnerable and in-need Alaskans, ensuring that we continue to provide help and create hope for all.

Restore Funding in Fiscal Year 2020 Alaska State Budget

The proposed Fiscal Year 2020 Alaska State budget will be devastating to clients of Catholic Social Services and other vulnerable Alaskans.  It will decimate basic homeless services and will cause more people, including children, to lose their housing or remain homeless.

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We urge you to tell Alaska’s elected officials not to support the parts of the proposed Fiscal Year 2020 Alaska State budget that remove homeless services.  To find your representative and senator as well as their contact information, enter your full home address in the bottom right corner of the Alaska State Legislature homepage in the section called Who Represents Me?

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These cuts will cost Alaska more money in the long run.  When people are not housed, they have a harder time working, request emergency services more often, and rely more heavily on already stretched-thin social services agencies for things like food, clothes, training, and financial assistance. These costs are passed on to our municipal governments, our medical facilities, and ultimately to everyday Alaskans.

Review the Budget Cuts

Catholic Social Services and other Alaska agencies have made progress addressing the homeless community’s needs.  This progress will stall and reverse if the proposed budget goes through.

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You can make sure these cuts don’t happen.  You can help keep our homeless services.  Please fill out the form below to take action and to stay updated.