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Catholic Social Services serves those most in need by working to end poverty, create opportunity and advocate for just communities. Our programs help over 10,000 children, families and individuals each year, regardless of their faith.

Since its founding in 1966, CSS has grown, and continues to grow, in response to unmet needs. We provide shelter, meals, employment assistance and medical care to those experiencing homelessness. We offer assistance to children and their families, help immigrants and refugees adjust to life in Alaska, and serve people with disabilities. We’re working to improve quality of life for the entire Anchorage community by advocating on behalf of its most vulnerable members.

Our Catholic Affiliation

We are a Catholic Agency, but provide services to anyone, regardless of their religious affiliation. While Catholic Social Services is separately incorporated, we share the non-profit tax exemption of the Church. We are the Social Services Arm of the Diocese of Anchorage, and serve to help Bishop Bellisario carry out the Catholic pledge of serving the poor and the vulnerable. Robin Dempsey, the CSS Executive Director, is responsible to the Archbishop for the mission of CSS and reports to a Board of Trustees, who has fiduciary responsibility and oversight of the Agency.

We incorporate the following Catholic social teachings into the care and services we provide to our clients.

  • Life and dignity of the human person – We serve all of our clients with the dignity and respect every human deserves.
  • Call to family, community and participation – We engage the public to participate in the delivery of services in order to create a stronger, tighter community.
  • Rights and responsibilities – We recognize that every individual has the right to a dignified, decent life. We strive to provide this life to every citizen of Anchorage.
  • Option for the poor and vulnerable – We believe it’s our community’s moral obligation to place the poor and vulnerable first.
  • Dignity of work and the rights of workers – We believe that everyone deserves access to honest compensation for work, no matter their background.
  • Solidarity – We believe one human family exists, regardless of national, racial, ethnic, economic and ideological differences.
  • Care for God’s creation – We believe caring for our environment is just as important as caring for our fellow humans.