Supportive Family Services (SFS), was formed in 2020 to provide holistic support to families who are unhoused or experiencing housing instability through classes, peer support, and skill-building. The Supportive Family Services program performs a range of activities that strengthen Alaskan families staying at Clare House or connected through Coordinated Entry. Services are designed to address housing instability and offer opportunities for all members of the family to build assets related to social and emotional wellbeing. The program also provides reunification services and resources to families who we have facilitated an adoption plan with previously.

In FY23, 240 individuals benefited from Supportive Family Services housing case management.

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Accessing Supportive Family Services:

You are eligible for SFS services if your family is currently unhoused, or your housing is unstable.

The best way to connect with Supportive Family Services is through referral from Clare House or Coordinated Entry.

Coordinated Entry

Supportive Family Services provides:

  • Housing Case Management services – available to families who are unhoused who would like to be connected to resources and case management assistance to find stable housing.
  • Peer Support services – Parent Café and Community Café groups featuring the Strengthening Families Protective Factor Framework, advocacy, and system navigation.
  • Youth/Family Enrichment services – activities designed to promote positive childhood experiences.

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Location: 4600 Debarr Road, Suite 201, Anchorage, AK 99508

Program Director: Judy Manilay,