Supportive Family Services (SFS), a program of Catholic Social Services, was formed in 2020 to provide holistic support to families with a variety of needs. SFS provides services for both children and adults with developmental disabilities through Family Disability Services and provides support for individuals wishing to adopt through the Office of Children’s Services through Wendy’s Wonderful Kids and by conducting Home Studies for the State of Alaska. SFS also provides reunification services and resources to families who we have facilitated an adoption plan with previously.

Through these services, SFS hopes to provide support and resources to families to build strong, healthy families.

Family Disability Services 

Family Disability Services (FDS) provides services for both children and adults with developmental disabilities, as well as provides a support system for their families. Trained providers work with people in their homes or out in the community.

Home Studies for the State of Alaska

At Catholic Social Services, we provide home study services for families through our agreement with the State of Alaska Office of Children’s Services for children in foster care.

Home Studies Writers Workshop

Catholic Social Services also provides home study workshops to anyone interested in contracting with CSS. These workshops are held periodically throughout the year. 

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Wendy’s Wonderful Kids

Catholic Social Services partners with Wendy’s Wonderful Kids to connect children in foster care with adoptive parents. Our Wendy’s Wonderful Kids representative will help you learn more about youth that need forever homes.


Birth parents and adult adoptees sometimes contact Catholic Social Services requesting information about how to contact each other. We maintain a Mutual Consent Adoption Registry to assist birth families and adult adoptees in reunification

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