Our Impact
  • 13,000 clients served through Catholic Social Services in fiscal year 2021
    CSS operates 7 multi-faceted programs, including 2 emergency shelters, a food pantry, housing case management service, services for individuals with disabilities, a refugee resettlement and immigration program, and more.
  • 466 men and women slept safely at Brother Francis Shelter in Fiscal Year 2021
    BFS also provides access to a warm shower, hot meal, and medical care.
  • 10,311 clients received food from St. Francis House Food Pantry during Fiscal Year 2021
    St. Francis House Food Pantry served approximately 30-150 households each day they were open, distributing over 690,000 pounds of food.
  • 55 refugee clients obtained employment in Fiscal Year 2021
    RAIS provides a bridge for refugees from their former lives to their new ones in the U.S. RAIS assists refugees in obtaining financially sustainable lifestyles in which the family’s basic needs are met long-term
  • 304 households were housed through HFS during Fiscal Year 2021
    Homeless Family Services (HFS) provides case management to veterans, individuals, and families living in shelters and unsheltered families with children.
  • 100% of school-aged children at Clare House were linked to ASD Child in Transition services
    Clare House provides emergency shelter and progressive housing to women with children and expectant mothers.
  • Homeless Woman Impact Story

    Plans for the Future

    Natalie visited Brother Francis Shelter five times in a four year period. She’s struggled with a drug addiction and battled cancer. Thanks to Catholic Social Services and our generous supporters, Natalie now has a home and a plan for future success.

    Read Natalie's Story
  • Our impact hunger relief

    Second Chances

    Linda came to Alaska in 2004, after leaving an abusive marriage. With limited funds, food was scarce. She heard about St. Francis House Food Pantry from a friend. Now, Linda has food, stability and a second chance at life.

    Read Linda's Story
  • Our Impact Pregnancy Support

    Support Brings Peace

    A few years ago a young woman came to us looking to make an adoption plan. She was 22 years old, without a job and had no consistent place to live. We were able to help her plan the adoption, providing her with peace and hope for the future in the process.

    Read this young mother's story
  • Our Impact CSS Adoption

    A Family Completed

    Many families struggle with infertility. Catholic Social Services met one family that had struggled with infertility for over ten years. After attending the CSS Adoption Workshop, they were finally able to complete their family.

    Read their story
  • A Life Full of Opportunity

    Hari is fortunate to be able work with new refugees everyday as a case manager for Refugee Assistance & Immigration Services. Their hard work fuels a future of opportunity. This opportunity is a gift that Hari has experienced first-hand.

    Read Hari's story
  • Couple at prom

    Ready for Prom

    Everyone remembers their senior prom. Bradley, a client of Family Disability Services, was delighted to be asked to his. He couldn’t afford a tuxedo though, and didn’t own a nice suit. With a simple request, we made sure Bradley was dressed and ready for prom.

    Read Bradley's story