Stories of Hope

Profound Effects of Small Deeds

Generous donors and strong partnerships make it possible for Brother Francis Shelter to facilitate programs and support volunteers that carry out our mission. These volunteers carry out programs and provide much needed services at Brother Francis Shelter. Debbie is one of these wonderful volunteers. Debbie has a background in healthcare and over 40 years’ experience…

Stories of Hope

The Future Is in Your Hands

A client of Refugee Assistance & Immigration Services made a special trip to the Welcome Center to talk about her role as a Peer Leader Navigator within the Anchorage refugee community.  Marie Claire sat down and pulled out a couple binders, placing them on a desk in front of her. She is a nurse from Rwanda…

Stories of Hope

Surge of Happiness

Back in November, the Development staff sat around a conference table, going over the logistics of holiday volunteering and in-kind giving.  Clara, our Community Engagement Manager, had been overseeing the collection of food for families so they could make Thanksgiving dinner.  She announced she had a confession. A man had called her earlier in the…

Stories of Hope

Once a Client, Now a Volunteer

Talking to our volunteer Linda is one of the most fun things you can do here at Catholic Social Services – other than helping her keep the St. Francis House Food Pantry running, which is what she does. Linda has been a dedicated volunteer for the last four years, coming in Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. until…

Stories of Hope

Always a Hand to Offer

Terry is the mom of five adopted children, ages eleven to five. Actually, there are two five-year-old boys – twins – and one of them has a disability. You can tell she adores her kids. Crayon self-portraits are taped up on the sliding door, which opens to their back porch, and pages from their homework…

Stories of Hope

Your Story Matters

Every person has a story. Sometimes we don’t realize, however, that what’s happened to us – or because of us – is phenomenal or that even the mundane is meaningful. In fact, it’s actually quite common to take the events of our own lives for granted. Maybe we’re busy. Maybe we think other people have…

Ending Homelessness

Phillip Found Hope

So many people’s homelessness begins with the death of a loved one. Cancer.  Car accident.  Suicide.  Tragedy can strike us all.  The person closest to the deceased is left reeling, and we each cope with grief differently. Phillip’s wife passed in 2010. He looks you in the eyes when he says that.  She had a…

Stories of Hope

Children Are Our Future and Our Hope

Did you know November 17 is National Adoption Day? Our Pregnancy Support & Adoption Services program helps children, mothers, fathers, and families – no matter where they are in the foster care or adoption process or whether they are the biological or adoptive families. We offer a loving hand to anyone navigating these difficult decisions….

Stories of Hope

The Woman Who Greets You

Rachel welcomes everyone who comes in the doors of Catholic Social Services’ main location.  If you don’t know her name, you should.  You’ll definitely know her face.  She’s got a big smile and bright eyes. You can tell Rachel is kind-hearted and humble when you talk to her as she sits behind the front desk in…