We invite you to our 33rd Annual Charity Ball on May 18th, 2024!

This year’s “Together We Can” will go towards Writing the Next Chapter for those who call Clare House home — now and in the future. Clare House is an emergency shelter for women with children and expectant mothers that serves as a safe place for moms to prepare for their family’s next chapter: permanent stability. With your help, we can continue to support women and children in our community by providing shelter, support, and other essentials they need to continue their story.

Clare House is just one chapter in the lives of the families who stay there – the rest is still unwritten. Your gift will provide shelter and resources for moms and kids to thrive, while they move forward on their journey towards permanent stability. Together, we can create a world of possibilities for families at Clare House, by giving them the pen and paper to ‘Write the Next Chapter.’

Last year’s Charity Ball was a blast! We hope to see you at the 33rd Annual Charity Ball on May 18th, 2024!