Your weekly farm box will feature a spectrum of farm fresh produce grown locally by Grow North Farm’s refugee and immigrant entrepreneurs. Expect a variety of root vegetables, snacking vegetables, leafy greens, and specialty crops found nowhere else but Grow North Farm. 100% of proceeds from your purchase go directly to farmers! The box is enough to feed 2-4 people.


To order a weekly box, complete the online form below and pay ahead. Sales will close on the Monday before pickup day at 4pm. We will close sales before 4pm if our limit is reached, so make sure to order as soon as possible! 

Pick up your order on Thursdays from 4:00pm-6:00pm at Grow North Farm, 3601 Mountain View Drive. We are doing curbside pickup only. Please park in one of the designated curbside pickup spaces on either side of the entrance. Give us a wave and we will come right out with your box! Please call (937) 304-4079 if someone doesn’t come to assist you promptly.

The name will be of the person who paid for the box, so please be prepared to reference the buyer name when picking up. Curbside pickup can be coordinated on request.

For questions, please contact Keenan at or call us at 907-227-7170

Paying with Food Stamps? Weekly Boxes are Half Off! Call Nick at 865-5213 to process your payment.

Order Your Box

Sales are now closed for the 2020 garden season. Thank you so much for your support!