Catholic Social Services Pregnancy Support and Adoption Services provide all services pertinent to adopting a child. One of the first tasks an adoptive family faces in the adoption process is procuring a home study.

At CSS, we provide home study services for families engaged in our Infant Adoption Program, International Adoption Program and through our agreement with the State of Alaska Office of Children’s Services for children in foster care.

A home study is a very thorough assessment of your home that includes history of all members of the household, fingerprinting and background checks, a financial history for your family, mental health and physical health history and an assessment of the family’s readiness for adoption. The home study process generally takes two to three months to complete. Home Study costs vary from program to program due to the various requirements for each type of study.

Are you an Adoption Agency outside of Alaska and need assistance facilitating a placement?

Download the application form for Adoptive Parents residing within Alaska

CSS also works with interstate adoptions by providing those services required by the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) for children adopted across state lines.CSS focuses on the best interest of the child. We support the moral and legal rights of all parties involved. CSS is an established agency and is available for long-term support for both the birth families and the adoptive families.

Are you an Attorney and need assistance facilitating a private adoption?

PSAS Home Study Writers Workshop

The next workshop has not been scheduled. It is typically on a Friday and Saturday, from 9am-5pm at the CSS Main Center. This training will:

  • Set guiding principles for adoption practice.
  • Expand on a basic understanding of adoption.
  • Give an understanding of the unique professional role of the home study writer.
  • Develop skills for conducting a family assessment.

Applications are due by the Wednesday before the week of the workshop.

Morning refreshments and drinks provided.
Please bring a brown bag lunch both days as there will not be time to leave the training site.

Basic requirements for becoming a PSAS Home Study Writer are:

  • Master’s Degree in Social Work or a related field
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work or related field, plus one year of experience as a caseworker;
  • Professionals with documentation of prior experience in home study writing or other professional case work writing skills

PSAS Adoption Home Study Writers’ Training Flyer

PSAS Home Study Writers Application

Upcoming Workshops:

  • Please call Tami Jo Watson for upcoming workshops

For more information, please contact:

Tami Jo Watson, MS
Pregnancy Support and Adoption Services Program Director
Catholic Social Services
907-222-7316 (office)
907-258-1091 (fax)