You can help build a place for play and revitalization for moms and kids

Why a Play Garden?
Currently, there is nowhere at Clare House for children to safely play outside. A Play Garden will provide moms and kids at Clare House with a way to be outside in a safe and comfortable area, to exercise, to de-stress, and to recuperate. Many of these women and children arrive at Clare House from traumatic situations and environments. The health and well-being of families will be enhanced with the simple choice of being able to play and sit outside.


Invest in a healthy and safe place for moms and kids today


How Can We Build a Play Garden?
To-date, contractors have cleared and prepared the land for a play garden. Many components may be donated and alternative equipment/surfacing options are available. Volunteer projects are built in and can off-set some costs. Total project cost estimate is $140,000. Working with Cook Inlet Housing and Corvus Design we have estimated project costs below.


For more details on this exciting project, please contact Tricia Teasley at 222-7355. Or