OPINION: I’m a member of Anchorage’s Emergency Shelter Task Force. Here’s what I think about homelessness solutions., Anchorage Daily News, October 2022 Catholic Social Services opens new shelter in Anchorage, providing 83 new beds for homeless, North Star Catholic, September 2022 Anchorage is in the midst of a humanitarian crisis, Anchorage Daily News, July 2022 Moving forward on Anchorage homelessness solutions, Anchorage Daily News, June 2022


Combating homelessness in Anchorage is a big challenge. But we can meet it., Anchorage Daily News, November 2021 New life and fresh starts, Catholic Charities USA, August 2021 Working together to serve the homeless, The North Star Catholic, August 2021

CSS programs help refugees flourish with community support, The North Star Catholic, June 2021

CSS Lenten food drive a success, The North Star Catholic, April 2021 Small acts of kindness help make our communities better places to live, The North Star Catholic, February 2021


Brother Francis Shelter residents and staff are grateful for your support this Advent season, The North Star Catholic, December 2020 A hard winter is upon us. Let’s be there for one another., Anchorage Daily News, November 2020 Finding light and beauty in trying times, Catholic Anchor, April 2020 Maintaining our connections and hope amid COVID-19 isolation, Anchorage Daily News, March 2020 The talents of our volunteers help make the work of Catholic Social Services possible, Catholic Anchor, March 2020 Let us open our hearts this Lent to the needs of the people around us, Catholic Anchor, February 2020


Let us continue to pray for and support families in need, Catholic Anchor, December 2019 A new year, a new chance to improve yourself and your community, Catholic Anchor, December 2019 Opening ourselves to others to see the good of humanity, Catholic Anchor, November 2019 Thank you for helping Alaska’s most vulnerable this summer, Catholic Anchor, September 2019  Catholic Social Services: Impacting the lives of those in need, Catholic Anchor, September 2019 State budget cuts impact our work at Catholic Social Services, Catholic Anchor, August 2019 In defense of the poor and vulnerable, Anchorage Daily News, July 2019 A letter to our Alaska Community, Anchorage Daily News, July 2019 Catholic Social Services needs support in wake of state budget crisis, Catholic Anchor, March 2019 Trauma-informed care recognizes the humanity of those in need, Catholic Anchor, February 2019 Staff members at Catholic Social Services are personal inspiration, Catholic Anchor, January 2019


In small ways, each of our lives touches so many other lives, Catholic Anchor, November 2018 We aim to give hope to Alaskan youth who are without homes, Catholic Anchor, October 2018 “Every winter I worry” about those Alaskans without shelter, Catholic Anchor, October 2018 We need your help during Hunger Action Month this September, Catholic Anchor, September 2018 Celebrating Alaska’s new arrivals, Anchorage Daily News, September 2018 Empowering the vulnerable means offering them a hand, Catholic Anchor, August 2018 Anchorage homelessness a ‘growing community concern,’ Catholic Anchor, July 2018 World Refugee Day celebration shows Alaska’s welcoming spirit, Catholic Anchor, June 2018 Catholic Social Services is proud to serve military veterans, Catholic Anchor, May 2018 Homeless outreach succeeds with creativity, diligence, compassion, Catholic Anchor, April 2018 Help us to give the gift of hope to Anchorage this Lenten season, Catholic Anchor, March 2018 Consider a Lenten partnership with Catholic Social Services, Catholic Anchor, February 2018 Consider joining our partners to serve those most in need, Catholic Anchor, January 2018


Opportunities abound to care for Alaskans in need, Catholic Anchor, August 2017 Slowly, we’re winning the battle against homelessness in Anchorage, Alaska Dispatch News, July 2017 Working to keep our military veterans from homelessness, Catholic Anchor, July 201 7 INVITATION: Help us celebrate World Refugee Day, Catholic Anchor, June 2017 Offering mothers & children a home and a place to play, Catholic Anchor, May 2017 Better health care for Anchorage’s most vulnerable benefits us all, Catholic Anchor, April 2017 Lent can be a season to help those most in need, Catholic Anchor, March 2017 Groundbreaking partnership to address homelessness in Anchorage, Catholic Anchor, February 2017 We need to do more to end homelessness in Anchorage, Catholic Anchor, January 2017


Archbishop Schwietz reminded and inspired us to ‘do our part,’ Catholic Anchor, December 2016 Alaskan children benefit from loving adoptive families, Catholic Anchor, November 2016 Brother Francis Shelter honors co-founders, Catholic Anchor, October 2016 Brother Francis Shelter saw large numbers seek summer shelter in Anchorage, Catholic Anchor, October 2016 Hunger ‘strikes to the very core of our faith and our humanity,’ Catholic Anchor, September 2016 Help invest in the future of our young people, Catholic Anchor, August 2016 Amid great darkness, a powerful story of light and love, Catholic Anchor, July 2016 Help us create personal connections for Anchorage’s most vulnerable, Catholic Anchor, June 2016 Catholic Social Services: 50 years of help & hope in Alaska, Catholic Anchor, May 2016 Trauma-informed care makes a difference at Catholic Social Services, Catholic Anchor, April 2016 The end of Anchorage homelessness is coming into view, Catholic Anchor, March 2016 Archbishop Hurley made the church’s social outreach personal in Alaska, Catholic Anchor, February 2016 Catholic Social Services will carry on Archbishop Hurley’s example of service, Alaska Dispatch News, January 2016 Alaska teen hockey players team up to help homeless shelter, Catholic Anchor, January 2016


‘Perfect storm’ raises safety issues at Brother Francis Shelter, Catholic Anchor, December 2015 Answering the challenge to help those with disabilities & their families, Catholic Anchor, May 2015 Alaska homeless shelter offers safe, functional home, Catholic Anchor,  April 2015 Anchorage’s young people are making a real difference, Catholic Anchor, March 2015 Lets resolve to connect with others, Catholic Anchor, January 2015

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