Pregnancy Support & Adoption Services is not taking any new families into its infant adoption waiting pool.

The Infant Adoption Program of Catholic Social Services (CSS) is licensed in the State of Alaska as a child placement agency and has been facilitating adoptions for over 40 years. The Infant Adoption program provides adoption services to prospective and adoptive families in coordination with the CSS Pregnancy Support Services program. In this program we typically place children who are between newborn and two years old.

Begin the process of infant adoption today by reading this Important Eligibility Information! Then download our Adoption Information Packet to read more about the adoption process.

All families must complete an educational workshop with Catholic Social Services and complete follow up educational courses through Adoption Learning Partners prior to obtaining an application packet. This workshop and follow up educational courses allows families to learn more about the Infant Adoption Program at CSS and more information on the realities of adoption. The following topics will be taught and discussed: Openness in adoption, adopting transracially, and understanding the birth parents perspective. The Self Study Workshop is available to individuals and couples who do not have road access to Anchorage. It is completed through weekly one-hour conferences by phone and discussion of associated articles and handouts. The Self Study Workshop covers the same topics as the in-person workshop. The cost of the adoption workshop is $200.

Adoption Learning Partners

You will need the following courses, which are offered through Adoption Learning Partners.  They are listed below:

  • Conspicuous Families
  • Finding the Missing Pieces
  • Adoption: the Identity Project
  • Open Adoption 101: What To Consider, How To Establish, And Ways To Stay Connected
  • Let’s Talk Adoption
  • Inside the Adoption Circle

Catholic Social Services will need a completed certificate for each individual for the courses.

Upcoming Infant Adoption Workshops

  • There are no workshops currently scheduled.

When workshops are scheduled, you will need to complete an Intake Form in order to be contacted by the Adoption Coordinator and receive more information.

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Pregnancy Support Program

Our Pregnancy Support staff provide birth parents with information and emotional support to help them carefully explore options available. Our goal is to assist moms and dads in making a pressure-free decision that’s best for their baby.

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For more information about becoming an adoptive parent, please contact:

Jamie Kaufman-Bacher
Adoption Coordinator
907-222-7315 (office)
907-258-1091 (fax)
888-625-7315 (toll free)

Tami Jo Watson, MS
Pregnancy Support & Adoption Services Program Director
907-222-7316 (office)
907-258-1091 (fax)

If you are interested in making adoption plans or needing parenting support, please contact:

Jamie Kaufman-Bacher
Pregnancy Support Advocate & Adoption Coordinator
907-222-7315 (office)
907-258-1091 (fax)
888-625-7315 (toll free)

Megan Mishler
Pregnancy Support Advocate & Adoption Coordinator
907-222-7319 (office)
907-258-1091 (fax)
888-625-7315 (toll free)