Every September, people all over the nation recognize Hunger Action Month, a time to take a stand against hunger in America. By raising awareness about hunger, donating food, and supporting local food banks and pantries, you can help fight hunger and make sure that every person has access to the food they need.

According to Feeding America, about 1 in 8 people in Alaska (around 100,000 people statewide) don’t have enough to eat. One-third of those people are children, who especially need healthy food as their bodies grow and develop. At our St. Francis House Food Pantry (SFH), we are always thinking of those people, and how we can best address their needs.

Hunger in Alaska has risen, and we are so thankful to our supporters who helped us transition to a fast-track food pantry to meet the growing need and make sure the shelves are stocked when our neighbors arrive.

What Can You Do With a Healthy Meal?

This year, we’re spreading the word about how important healthy meals are to daily life, mental and physical health, and meeting our goals. When we’re well-fed and don’t have to worry about hunger, that gives us the energy to focus on other things, whether that’s solving problems or just enjoying the people around us.

No one should have to choose between housing, food, or basic utilities. But right now, many people in our community have to make this choice every day. The food from SFH allows families to pay other bills like rent, utilities, or transportation. This ensures that shoppers have a roof over their head during these uncertain times, and gives them the capacity to work toward permanent stability.

Take Action!

This September, join us in the fight against hunger for Hunger Action Month! Together, we can end hunger in our community one healthy meal at a time.

Raise Awareness

Spread the word about the importance of Hunger Action Month by sharing what YOU can do with a healthy meal:

  1. Print this sticker and fill in the blank to share what a healthy meal allows you to do each day to raise awareness around hunger in Anchorage.
  2. Tape the sticker on a can of food and take a photo with it.
  3. Post the photo to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #HungerActionMonth. Don’t forget to tag Catholic Social Services! We’re @CSSalaska on both Facebook and Instagram.
  4. Spread the word to donate online at cssalaska.org/donate and help us fight hunger in Anchorage.
  5. If you’re able, donate the can of food to Saint Francis House, where it will be shared with a family in need. You can stop by Monday – Friday 9:00am – 4:00pm at 3710 E. 20th Avenue.

We also have a flyer available here for you to print and share with your community to raise awareness about Hunger Action Month and hunger in Alaska.

Make a Gift to St. Francis House Food Pantry

St. Francis House Food Pantry is an essential resource for community members experiencing hunger. You can support our work and help us continue to feed hungry Alaskans by making a donation today.

Donate Now

Donate Food to St. Francis House Food Pantry

Help us end hunger by donating canned goods to the SFH Food Pantry. Please note that we cannot accept any opened food items or home-processed fish/game.

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Thank you for helping to end hunger in Anchorage!