Homeless Family Services

Family A Matched! 
Mom, Dad and 3 teenage daughters

Family B Matched! 
Dad and teenage son

Family C Matched!
Mom, Dad and newborn baby

Family D  Matched! 
Mom, Dad and seven kids; five boys and two girls

Family E Matched! 
Mom, Dad and 3 kids; two boys and a girl

Family F Matched!
Mom and young boy

Family G Matched! 
Mom and young boy

 Family H Matched!
Mom and two boys

Family I  Matched!
Dad and four daughters

Family J
Mom, Dad, four teenage kids and a dog; 2 girls and 2 boys

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Family Disability Services

Family K Matched! 
Mom and three young kids; two girls and a boy

Family L  Matched!
Mom and teenage daughter

Family M  Matched!
Mom and 4 children; 3 sons and a daughter

Family N  Matched!
Mom, Dad and 5 kids; teenage son, four daughters and grandma

Family O Matched!
Mom, Dad and three kids; adult daughter and two boys

Family P Matched!
Mom and three kids; one daughter and two boys

Family Q
Mom, Dad and a teenage boy

FamilyR Matched!
Mom, Dad and a teenage daughter

 Family S Matched!
Mom, Dad and a young boy

Family T
Mom, Dad and adult son

Family U
Mom and teenage son

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Give our clients the gift of choosing their own gifts through donating gift cards. Many of our families lack the extra money to go out and purchase what their loved ones really want for Christmas. You can give them the freedom of choice by donating gift cards from one of our many retailers such as Target, Fred Meyer, Walmart, etc. You can drop off gift cards at the main office at 3710 E. 20th Avenue, anytime between 9AM-5PM, Monday-Friday. Thank you for your generosity and support!

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Please contact Rachel Watters with any questions at or 222-7335.