Homeless Family Services is helping families in Anchorage find a home for a stable setting to raise their kids or live their lives, but we are always in need of household items to make our families’ new homes more livable. Consider a donation to Homeless Family Services to support homeless individuals and families with children including veterans (through Supportive Services for Veteran Families).



ESSENTIAL HOUSEHOLD ITEMS IN GOOD CONDITION: Blankets, Pillows, Pots, Pans, Mixing Spoons, Spatulas, Cups, Bowls and Silverware.

OTHER HOUSEHOLD ITEMS: Coffee Pots, Toasters, Cutting Boards, Microwaves, Rugs and Irons.

CLEANING SUPPLIES: Cleaning Solutions, Dish Soap, Toilet Bowl Cleaner and Brushes, Laundry Soap, New Sponges, Mops and Vacuums.

Gift Cards to thrift stores and stores with home goods (i.e. Kohl’s, Walmart, Fred Meyer).

We also welcome prearranged Furniture Donations. Assistance with delivery of furniture is greatly appreciated.


Thank you for thinking of us when you donate your household items.

Please contact Katrielle Machida at 907-222-7320 about times to donate during the work week.

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