New Year Message | Lisa Aquino

When the clock struck midnight on New Years Eve, I think each of us were filled with a sense of anticipation, hope and forward-thinking to 2021, eager to leave 2020 behind.

Now, three weeks into 2021, we are immersed into this new year.

2021 at Catholic Social Services will be dedicated to serving our neighbors with dignity and respect – the same mission we carried out for 55 years before this, and that we will carry to the future. Each of those 55 years has been dedicated to serving Anchorage and all those who call this place home, becoming a beacon of hope in challenging times – there to serve those in need.

Although many things in our world continue to be uncertain and difficult, our mission to serve our neighbors at Catholic Social Services remains steadfast providing hope and a path to stability and connection. Our connection with each other in this community is the strength and resilience that will bring us all forward. 

Catholic Social Services, and our connection with each of you in our community who truly makes this agency what it is, is strength we draw on to serve those in need. Together, in 2021 we will continue to provide hope and a path to the future to all who need it.

With every year, we are renewed with the gift of hope. At Catholic Social Services, with all of you, we must continue to provide that hope and support to our neighbors in need. One thing I know for certain about 2021 is that strong community partnerships and dedicated support will lead us to solutions, stability and hope for each person in this community who is struggling.

Together with you, we can be there for those who need us and get through the challenges we face.

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