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Catholic Social Services builds safe space for moms and kids at Clare House

At Clare House, women with children and expectant mothers experiencing homelessness have mounting worries on their shoulders. They must work to move beyond their current situation and take care of their children’s needs at the same time.

On top of finding safe shelter, warm food and clean clothes, moms at Clare House need to provide a secure place for their children to grow and play—to fulfill this need, Clare House is building a new Play Garden.

“Clare House was a safe haven for me and my child,” says Karen, a mother with a young son who worked through Clare House to find a place of her own. “I didn’t really have a supportive family growing up, but Clare House helped me become self-sufficient.”

Karen struggled, like many people do, to work on every aspect of providing for herself and her child, but with enough persistence and support, she moved into her own home and is a successful personal care assistant. Karen says the play garden would be perfect for the moms and kids at Clare House.

“Sometimes the park is too far away, and moms may not want to go out all the time when they are dealing with finances, childcare or even depression,” she says.

“Clare House was a safe haven for me and my child.”

Contact with nature helps children develop emotional and behavioral connections, and is important for encouraging creativity, intellectual development and social relationships, according to a University of Washington study.

As kids play, moms can unwind. They will see tremendous physical and emotional gains with a space to decompress and recuperate surrounded by nature.

Thanks to your help, the Clare House Play Garden is moving beyond the drawing board. Your support will make it possible for us to build the play garden next spring.

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