This month marks the the one-year anniversary of the 3rd Avenue Resource & Navigation Center (3RNC), a pivotal program in addressing homelessness in Anchorage. Over the course of the year, more than 3,300 individuals have found help at 3rd Avenue, amassing over 20,000 visits – a testament to its indispensable role in the community.

At the heart of 3RNC’s mission lies a commitment to empowerment and progress. Serving an average of 100 clients daily, the center provides essential amenities, including access to shower facilities, laptop checkouts, and personal consultations with navigators. Perhaps most significantly, 3RNC has facilitated the enrollment of over 250 individuals into the Coordinated Entry system, while also connecting over 800 individuals to housing resources—a crucial step towards sustainable stability and security.

Behind every success story at 3RNC stands a network of dedicated partners whose unwavering support have fueled its impact. The Rasmuson Foundation, Weidner Apartment Homes, and numerous other partners and providers, have played a pivotal role in sustaining the center’s operations and expanding its reach.

Over 40 providers have spent time at the program, including the Food Bank of Alaska, Partners for Progress, United Way, and many more. “The success of the center is largely attributed to its collaborative nature, with over 40 community partners contributing a variety of services. Each partner brings important services and experience, whether it’s housing, employment, food security, or substance misuse treatment. Each is critical in addressing homelessness,” said Gretchen Guess, CEO of the Rasmuson Foundation. “These community partnerships have not only expanded 3RNC’s ability to meet diverse needs in our community, but have also built stronger relationships between partners. This innovative approach has significantly impacted the lives of thousands, offering a pathway to stability.” 

With the support of more than 48 providers, this past year 3rd Avenue Resource & Navigation Center was able to provide:

  • 806 people received housing support services
  • 745 people received help with transportation
  • 369 people were assisted in finding shelter

These numbers represent real change for members of our community, and it’s only possible thanks to the collaboration and dedication of our providers coming together to give support under one roof. Providers who participate at 3RNC are building connections everyday for people experiencing homelessness – providers like Jocelyn Ciarlone from Alaska Legal Services Corporation, who works in collaboration with Food Bank of Alaska personnel to help people through the process of applying and receiving their SNAP benefits in a timely manner.

Sam Garcia, a representative for Veterans and Military Affairs through Banyan Treatment Center, visits the center every week to speak with veterans, and others, who are experiencing challenges with substance misuse to help them connect to resources. Sam says one of the biggest challenges to getting someone into treatment is processing paperwork and getting someone a phone or I.D. before they are admitted – all things he has worked with 3rd Avenue clients to achieve.

A sincere thank you to everyone involved in making 3rd Avenue a welcoming and helpful resource for our neighbors! In the coming weeks we will share the important work we’re accomplishing together as we continue to serve our neighbors on their path to stability. 

As we celebrate the one-year anniversary of the 3rd Avenue Resource & Navigation Center, we reflect not only on the milestones achieved, but also on the lives transformed. In the face of adversity, this beacon of hope continues to illuminate the path towards a brighter future for our neighbors experiencing homelessness in Anchorage. As we forge ahead, we can reaffirm our commitment to compassion, collaboration, and the pursuit of progress, ensuring that no one is left behind in the journey towards stability and dignity.

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