Kaulani Napoleon—an aspiring Eagle Scout—made one of the largest donations to RAIS this year.

Kaulani Napoleon, aspiring Eagle Scout

Kaulani collected hundreds of school supply kits sorted specifically for different age groups and donated them to RAIS (Refugee Assistance and Immigration Services) at Catholic Social Services yesterday.


The project took Kaulani a total of 3 months to conceive and organize. Collecting the donations only took a total of 3 weeks through the support of his community.


Kaulani, from Eagle River, saw support from not only here in Alaska, but all over the United States. Family and friends from several states donated money and items for the RAIS program.


Kaulani himself committed over 20 hours to the project.
80 individuals volunteered over 150 service hours total by collecting hundreds of donations for refugee school children and youth.


Kaulani, aspiring Eagle Scout, with donation of school supplies and items for school-aged RAIS clients.
Kaulani with donation of school supplies and items for school-aged RAIS clients.

The future Eagle Scout’s takeaway from the project was the community’s response

to the donation drive. He was very glad and overwhelmed to see his community participate and be so eager to help the refugee population here in Alaska—and so were we!

Shoes donated by Kualani, aspiring Eagle Scout, and his supporters
Shoes donated by Kualani and his supporters
The RAIS program would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone involved in this donation drive, especially Kaulani.


The difference makers of the world are those who intentionally stand up and care for others around them. Kaulani and his community have proved to be change makers.


Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to support refugees in your community, Kaulani!


2 comments on “Aspiring Eagle Scout Gives Back”

  1. 1
    Kalani on September 22, 2016

    I know I’m biased as his dad, but this was an amazing experience not only for him but for the entire family. The response from the community of Eagle River was overwhelming for such a great cause; thank you!

  2. 2
    Barbara Napoleon on September 23, 2016

    Kaulani’s father, his father’s brother and a great-uncle are Eagle Scouts, and he follows in their footsteps: a tradition of service and giving. It is an honor (as his grandparents) to have taken part in such a worthy endeavor to bring even a small portion of comfort and security to Alaska’s new community members! Think of how much everyone can benefit through the generous and loving contributions! I am grateful Catholic Social Services have provided Kaulani this opportunity to further build his character. We are immensely proud in our grandson!

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