“There was housing, they made sure I was in a safe environment, they checked in on my mental health – if I needed clothing or any necessities they were very, very generous with the things they provided.” – Kahlee, a former guest, after her stay at Clare House.

Kahlee and her little boy, Atticus, fell on hard times a little over a year ago due to a difficult relationship with her son’s father coming to an end. Looking for more stability, they relocated to Anchorage, but without a support network to help them out, the young family found themselves experiencing homelessness for the first time. Finally, Kahlee and Atticus moved into Clare House and met their case worker, Joni. She began working with Kahlee on strategies for moving forward, such as finding childcare and making strides toward financial stability.

Soon, Kahlee and Atticus began thriving in their new home, which Kahlee describes as ‘community orientated.’ Kahlee loved the friendly staff and connecting with other guests, she said: “It’s more than just a shelter, there’s different programs, there’s different ways they can help you succeed – instead of just getting housing, you also get long term help.”

Joni is a favorite with Atticus, who likes to bring her gifts from around the room and sit on her lap. She expressed satisfaction in seeing Kahlee and Atticus’ progress – she relayed that Kahlee found an apartment, a new job, and reliable childcare for Atticus, all within a month of staying at Clare House. With help from Clare House, the young family was able to join the many families and individuals rehoused by Catholic Social Services each month – on average, CSS housed 38% of people exiting homelessness to housing each month in Anchorage in FY22.

The pair have been living in their own apartment for just over a year now. Since moving into their new home, Kahlee and Atticus have been able to adopt a ragdoll kitten. Kahlee shares that Atticus loves spending time with his kitty and running around their new apartment. Joni relayed that a big part of Kahlee’s progress has been her ability to start saving for the future – a huge milestone for many of our clients which can lead to long-term goals like financial planning, community building, and emotional wellbeing. Thanks to your support, Kahlee’s hard work, and Joni’s care, Kahlee and Atticus were able to find housing and begin the huge milestone of saving to buy their own place.

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