When you give a donation from your Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) through Pick.Click.Give., you are helping to create a stronger state for all Alaskans. Your donation to Catholic Social Services’ seven programs allows us to reach and support even more Alaskans who are in-need. Will you be a part of what makes Alaska great and donate through Pick.Click.Give.?

Ten years ago was the first time you could give to nonprofits through Pick.Click.Give. Since 2009, this program has generated more than $20,000,000 from more than 200,000 donors – or an average of about $100 per person. Learn more here.

Of course, by this point, most Alaskans are familiar with Pick.Click.Give. – the way to designate a portion of your PFD to nonprofits of your choice. You can give in increments of $25 between January 1 through March 31, 2019, when applying for your PFD, and can update your donation until August 31, 2019.

There are so many great organizations in Alaska helping the vulnerable and in-need, and we are grateful Pick.Click.Give. doesn’t create an either-or mentality. There’s room at the table for everyone.

“Pick.Click.Give. allows all of us to share with and support the causes and issues that most speak to our hearts,” said Lisa Aquino, Catholic Social Services’ Executive Director.  “I am so grateful to all the Alaskans who choose Catholic Social Services Brother Francis Shelter Clare House when donating through Pick.Click.Give.  These supporters partner with us to serve those in-need in Anchorage.

Everyday the team at Catholic Social Services works collaboratively with many community partners to provide an array of services that meets our clients where they are, with dignity and respect, and supports them on a journey to long-term, permanent stability.

“We are a team together,” Lisa said, “and we appreciate you!”

Pick.Click.Give. is run by The Alaska Community Foundation in partnership with the Rasmuson Foundation, The Foraker Group, and the State of Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend Division – all great organizations helping our great state! Catholic Social Services is proud to be a part of Pick.Click.Give. with these partners. It’s a true Alaskan tradition.

When you use Pick.Click.Give. to donate to Catholic Social Services, you make sure:

  • Brother Francis Shelter, Clare House, and Homeless Family Services can help people experiencing homelessness.
  • St. Francis House Food Pantry can keep plenty of food on its shelves for those who are hungry.
  • Family Disability Services and Pregnancy Support & Adoption Services can support children and their families.
  • Refugee Assistance & Immigration Services can ensure families new to America secure jobs.

So beginning January 1, 2019, when you file for your PFD at pfd.alaska.gov, be part of what makes Alaska great and add a Pick.Click.Give. pledge to Catholic Social Services!

Pick.Click.Give. to Catholic Social Services!

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