Our Impact Pregnancy SupportAbout a year ago a young lady came to us looking to make an adoption plan.  At the time she was 22 years old without a job or a consistent place to live.

She was pregnant with her second child and felt that she was unable to provide this child with what she felt he deserved.  We were able to get this young lady connected with Clare House so that she could have a stable roof over her head.

Through the resources like unplanned pregnancy support provided at Clare House she was able to find a place of her own and a job.  By the time that this young lady gave birth she was working full time and had a place to live.  We were able to help assist her in finding clothes, furniture, and get her set up with Medicaid.

She is currently parenting her baby boy and is very happy.  She can’t imagine her life without him.  She is still working full time and just started college this summer. She is a true example of what hard work and determination can get you.

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