The U.S. refugee resettlement and asylum programs are lifesaving programs that provide a second chance in life to those in desperate need of safety. Welcoming those fleeing persecution is an American tradition and part of our values that have defined this country. These individuals, given the chance to reconstruct their lives here, eagerly contribute to the nation’s economic, political, and cultural strength.

Security measures are intrinsic to the integrity of the refugee and asylum programs and we support strong, just, and secure programs.

All individuals wishing to come to the United States as refugees must first register with the United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The UNHCR screens each family thoroughly and documents their family composition and flight from country of origin.

If they are referred to resettlement in the United States, then the U.S.’ thorough vetting process begins. The Department of Homeland Security conducts interviews, gathers biometric and biographical data as well as conducts multiple background checks in concert with other federal agencies. The Department of Defense and the Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as multiple intelligence agencies are also involved in vetting refugees before they are approved to resettle to the United States.

We support steps taken by the U.S. government to ensure a secure, effective, just, and humanitarian rescue of refugees and asylees. Refugees undergo thorough and rigorous security screenings prior to arriving to the United States. Asylum seekers also undergo rigorous background checks. We support the U.S. government steps to ensure the safety of refugees, asylees, and American communities.

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