What is the goal of Charlie Elder House?

Charlie Elder House (CEH) is a home like group homes. Our intention is to support youth in reaching their independent goals. These goals include, but are not limited to:

  • Graduating from high school or obtaining a GED
  • Learning to cook
  • Finding a job
  • Acquiring laundry skills
  • Learning daily life skills needed to be successful in the community

What are the general rules of Charlie Elder House?

Residents of the program are expected to participate in the program. Charlie Elder House is not just a place to live. The program allows the resident to achieve goals in moving toward successful, independent living.

“Work your own program.” You will hear this during your time at Charlie Elder House. It means, don’t ask staff why someone else gets to do/have something you don’t. Each youth is treated on an individual basis.

Residents of the program are expected to be respectful of themselves, other residents, staff, the home, and the community.

Residents are expected to work with Catholic Social Services staff. They should keep appointments and follow through with commitments.

If a resident does not follow the rules or live up to his responsibilities, the resident may be discharged from the program to a program that better suits his needs at that particular time.

What will my daily schedule be like?

Each resident is required to fill out a personal daily schedule for approval by the Coaching Parent. The daily schedule, planned one day in advance, is the major planning tool for both residents and staff. The schedule must be prepared and followed accurately. Schedules are approved or adjusted according to each resident’s plan of care and the responsibility shown by each resident. If plans change, a resident must get permission from staff to deviate from the planned schedule.

Daily plans might include school, work, individual appointments, chores, and cooking a meal for the house (at least once a week).

Can I have a cell phone or computer?

Residents may have electronics in the home, such as cell phones and laptops, if approved by the Coaching Parent and Case Manager.

What kinds of activities are allowed?

Program and community activities are encouraged, and may be either educational or entertainment based.

What is not allowed at Charlie Elder House?

  • Possession or use of alcohol or illegal drugs
  • Smoking and use of tobacco products
  • Violence or threats of violence
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Licensing does not permit candles or incense, or the burning of anything, in the bedrooms

This list does not include everything that is not allowed, but contains the things that come up the most frequently.

When is curfew?

Curfews are set on an individual basis, and may vary from school year to summer and by day of week.

Can I date while at Charlie Elder House?

Dating is discouraged, as residents should be focusing on becoming independent.

However, residents 16 years or older are permitted to date. Inappropriate displays of affection and any form of sexual activity is prohibited.

What is the dress code?

Clothing may not have the following endorsements or advertising:

  • Alcohol/drugs/smoking
  • Gang-related themes
  • Profanity
  • Swastikas or other symbols of hate

Can I keep/get a job?

Residents who wish to hold a job while in school are encouraged to make graduation a priority. Residents who hold a high school diploma or GED are encouraged to work. The work schedule must be pre-approved by the Coaching Parent.

Do I have to go to school?

School attendance is mandatory, and residents are required to put forth academic effort.

All school age residents who have not graduated or received a GED must be enrolled full-time in school or at a daytime GED program. East High and Wendler Middle are our district schools. School bus transportation is available for those attending these schools.

If a student wishes to go to a different school, a zone exemption is required, and the student is responsible for his own transportation.

Do I have to do chores?

Each resident is responsible for chores and the upkeep of the house. Residents will be assigned chores. Residents will be required to cook a meal for the home on a rotation schedule. Residents are expected to clean up after themselves and to participate in the care of the home.

Where do I keep my belongings?

Each youth will store his belongings in his own room. There are 4 bedrooms. Three youth have their own bedroom; 2 will share a room.

Can I have my own money?

Youth may establish their own savings, checking, or Trust Fund accounts. These must be reviewed with staff in order to demonstrate the ability to budget and manage funds, including savings.

Can people visit me?

Guests are welcome but must be approved by staff. Guests must abide by program rules.

Residents are responsible for ensuring this. Visitors must remain in the common areas of the house.

Can I spend time with my friends outside of the Teen Home?

All individuals whom a resident desires to spend time with outside the home must have approval from staff.

Residents must provide name and phone contact information for friends and their friends’ parents/guardians for any and all overnight visits. If residents will be riding in a friend’s vehicle, a resident must provide proof of registration, insurance, and a copy of his/her driver’s license.

How will I get around?

Each resident is required to use public transportation to travel in the community.

Will I have privacy?

Because safety is a top priority, we reserve the right to conduct room searches if we believe the safety of our residents, staff, or facilities is in question. A resident will be informed of the search prior to the actual search, if time and circumstances permit. Otherwise, neither staff nor other residents will enter your room without knocking.