Hello! Thank you for taking the time to download CSS’s media release. This form ensures that CSS can gather and share client information as safely as possible. A signed media release is required anytime you gather a clients information, take their photo, or feature them in a video.

Many of CSS’s clients have been through incredibly difficult experiences, and gathering stories in a way that is sensitive and uplifting is important.

If done right, sharing their story can be a positive step for clients and a way to take ownership of and look back on their journey, and can even be a conversation they enjoy. Not every interaction will lead to a usable story, and that’s OK. It’s still worth taking the time to listen and engage.

When you meet with a client, be clear about why we are interested in hearing their story, and make sure they feel comfortable sharing as much or as little as they want to— it is important for them to understand that if there are any topics they’d prefer not to discuss, that is 100% okay. Their story is their property, and they have the final say.

The Communications Team wants to thank you for taking the time to listen to your clients and help them share their story! If you download this form and help gather details of a client’s story, or snap a photo or video, please make sure you return all of the media gathered and a scan of this completed form to Amanda Thomas at amandathomas@cssalaska.org as soon as possible. Thank you!