If you are considering placing a child in Catholic Social Services’ Charlie Elder House, the information contained on this page will help you make the decision about the services you want your child to have, and will help you understand the care your child receives if he enters the program.

Admission Process

  • Initial referrals are made to Catholic Social Services (CSS) through Charlie Elder House. After an application and ALL requested information has been received by Charlie Elder House, an initial interview will be scheduled with the applicant outside of the teen home. This interview is to determine whether the candidate is suitable for the program.
  • After a successful interview, the application packet is transferred to Denali Family Services.
  • Upon receiving the application packet, Denali Family Services intake will call the applicant and set up an appointment for an assessment to ensure the potential client meets criteria for the program.
  • Upon a successful assessment, Denali Family Services will communicate with CSS that potential client meets requirements. At this time, staff from both agencies will contact the potential client for a second interview in Charlie Elder House.
  • CSS and Denali Family Services staff will decide whether to continue with the admission process.
  • If the client is determined to be a good fit for Charlie Elder House, staff will contact client and communicate admission date, placement on a waiting list, and/or other options for client (if available).

Parent Information Sheet

This page will help you make a decision about and understand the services provide at Charlie Elder House.

Charlie Elder House Interview Questions for Teens

Attached is a list of some of the questions teens will be asked in the intial interview with the program manager. Please have the youth familiarize themselves with these sample questions.

Application Letter

This page lists the paperwork needed to apply to Charlie Elder House.


All these forms must be completed in order to consider a youth for the program