Brother Francis Shelter Foot Clinic

Brother Francis Shelter provides its guests with a number of services and supportive programs to help them transition out of homelessness.

Shelter Services

Services are provided on an equal opportunity, first come first served basis.

Day Services: clothing room, library, telephone and case management

The clothing room was only open Mon/Wed/Fri for 1.5 hours a day, but it is now open 5 days a week (M-F) for 3 hours a day, 10am-12pm and 8pm-9pm.

Evening Services: Overnight baggage storage, dinner, showers, laundry, Caring Clinic for basic medical care, medicine storage, clothing room

Check-in begins at 5:00pm every day and concludes at 11:00pm when the curfew goes into effect.

Services are provided on an equal opportunity, first come first served basis.


Case Management

Case Management provides guests the opportunity to receive personalized help in making and reaching goals to get back on one’s feet. Case managers utilize a collaborative process for assessment, planning, facilitation, and advocacy of coordinated services.

In-House Program

The In-House Program aims to provide guests with an opportunity to acquire work experience onsite. All duties help the shelter serve its guests. By participating in the In-House program, a guest learns valuable social and employment skills, while increasing their sense of self-worth.

Employed Guest Program

Guests in this program can stay at the Shelter during the day to sleep, or prepare for the upcoming shift at their job. Guests not in this program must leave the shelter for the day. This program is designed to help an employed guest get the rest needed to be successful at their payroll job, and to help the guest save money for permanent housing.

LaVerna Quarters

This transitional housing program of Brother Francis Shelter is available to guests who have a history of saving their steady income and are preparing to transition out of the shelter. Guests live in a wing of the building that has double occupancy rooms, much like a dorm. They have access to a full kitchen, living room with a television and computer. The guest signs a lease agreement, pays a refundable deposit, and has a door that they can lock.

Special Events and Workshops

When available, the shelter serves as a location for outside community volunteers to host the following:

  • Resume writing workshops
  • Bible study
  • AA meetings
  • Yoga
  • Photography workshops
  • Improvisation theater workshops
  • And more!