There are 107,000 children in the U.S. foster care system who are legally free and currently waiting for an adoptive home. Is your family able to provide a forever home for a waiting child?  Public child welfare agencies across the country require interested families to have a completed home study and an Adoption Coordinator to advocate on their behalf. The Waiting Child program at Catholic Social Services will help you navigate the process of adopting a child from the foster care system outside of Alaska.

What does the Waiting Child program provide?

Catholic Social Services will complete your family’s adoptive home study and connect you with training resources so you will be ready to adopt a child. Once your family is matched with a child, CSS will act as the intermediary with the child’s caseworker and help to obtain necessary information regarding the child and their needs. Your CSS Adoption Coordinator will also help to advocate for your interests, and ensure that the resulting agreement between your family and the sending state is acceptable for all parties.

How will I be matched with a child?

Once you’ve completed the requirements to be an adoptive parent, you can explore the many children that are legally free for adoption on the Northwest Adoption Exchange or through AdoptUSKids. When you’ve found a child that you think would be a great fit for your family, submit an inquiry and include your Adoption Coordinator’s information. CSS will help you throughout the process.

How much does the Waiting Child program cost?

Application Fee $220

Home Study Fee $1,570

Case Management Fee $1,082

You may be eligible for reimbursement of some of these expenses from the child’s sending state when an adoption occurs. Click here for more information on adoption funding resources.

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Training credits for Waiting Child families


For more information, contact:

Heather Gallatin-Baker
Infant Adoption Coordinator
Catholic Social Services
907-222-7373 (office)
907-276-5539 (fax)

Tami Jo Watson, MS
Program Director
Pregnancy Support and Adoption Services
907-222-7316 (office)
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