CSS Alaska Volunteer Linda

A shout out this month to St. Francis House Food Pantry volunteer extraordinaire Linda Johns.

Linda has been volunteering in the Pantry for the last 3 years and can be found helping out each week, Monday through Thursdayusually putting in a good 5 to 6 hours a day serving as a personal shopper, helping with administrative duties or just doing whatever she can to lend a hand where needed.

Linda says that she enjoys working in the pantry because she just likes to help others. She’s a former client herself so she says she knows where St. Francis House clients are coming from, having “been there” herself.

Her favorite story about working at St. Francis House Food Pantry involves a little boy who came in on his birthday. Linda passed this information on to Miss Cecelia who came up with a birthday cake and a toy from the Pantry stock for the little boy. When Linda presented the goodies to the little boy, he and his mother hugged Linda and started crying. They had just moved from living in their car into a hotel and figured there would be no presents for the child’s birthday. Linda started crying herself, but it continues to be one of her favorite memories.

When she’s not helping in St. Francis House, Linda enjoys camping and creating greeting cards. She’s originally from Florida but we feel very fortunate that she wound up here in Anchorage. Many thanks to you, Linda, for being such a wonderful volunteer!


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