Our impact hunger reliefLinda came to Alaska from Florida eleven years ago after leaving an abusive marriage.

With limited funds, food was scarce so a friend told Linda about the resources at St. Francis Food Pantry. Linda used the food provided by St. Francis House to survive. With times tough, Linda says she became a victim of depression. A doctor advised her to do some volunteer work. Linda says that St. Francis House Food Pantry was an easy choice because without the Catholic Social Services program, she would not have made it.

She has been volunteering since Jan 2015 and it’s helped her immensely. Linda says she is able to help inspire other clients that there is hope and that someone cares about them. One day a single mom came in who couldn’t afford a birthday cake for her child. Linda was able to find a donated cake to go along with the emergency food and she says the mother and the child were overwhelmed with happiness.

St. Francis House Food Pantry serves over 100 families a day providing them with hunger relief.

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