Help for the homeless NatalieNatalie has been at Brother Francis Shelter five times since 2010.

She suffered from cancer and a drug addiction. She’s had good days and she’s had awful ones. But Natalie was met with constant encouragement and patience persevered. Through her caseworker at Brother Francis Shelter, Natalie was informed of an opening in a RurAL CAP program for individuals who were chronically homeless and had a diagnosed disability. Natalie and her Homeless Family Services case manager carefully filled out the application and a week later she was accepted. Rejoicing, Natalie danced around the shelter that day saying “Thank you, Jesus! He sure was looking after me today!”

Natalie faced many challenges, but with the help of Brother Francis Shelter, she has reclaimed her dignity and is on the road to rebuild her life.

Your support provides these services free of charge. Help for the homeless that can save a life. Please join us in helping our brothers and sisters leave homelessness behind.

Everyone deserves safe shelter and a second chance.

Support Men and Women Experiencing Homelessness