Homeless Family Services (HFS)

Homeless Family Services is a collaborative project to provide help for homeless families with children. Homeless Family Services staff helps to secure emergency housing for families when shelters are full and connects families to the resources necessary to secure a place to call home. Homeless Family Services staff goes to the families wherever they may be — a camp site, a motel or a car.

Step 1:

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Your Gift Helps!  

  • $20 provides two cases of bottled water for a family that is forced to camp due to lack of family shelter space.  
  • $40 will purchase a jumbo pack of diapers and diaper rash ointment for a toddler living in a motel with his mother. 
  • $80 will purchase four sleeping bags and a tarp to improve a family camp site. 

Did You Know?

  • 884 people were served in the Homeless Family Services program in fiscal year 2012. 
  • Homeless Family Services also offers supportive housing consisting of four units located in Government Hill.
  • The Government Hill duplexes serve formerly homeless families with disabilities.